Meet The New First Dollar HSA Debit Card

The easiest way for you to pay for your qualified medical expenses.

The First Dollar Mastercard debit card is the easiest way for you to conveniently pay for your qualified medical expenses. Just swipe and be on your way. First Dollar will show your transaction directly in your Savings dashboard. Use it whenever and wherever to save the most on your qualified medical expenses.

Uh oh. Your card’s at home, and you need to go to the doctor, like, now!

We bet you didn’t forget your cell phone! Which is good because the First Dollar debit card works with Apple Pay and Google Wallet! Set it up like you would any other credit or debit card, and you are good to go!

If you’re not into using a separate debit card, no worries! Just pay for the qualified medical expense using another method (card, check, money order, cash) and be sure and keep the receipt! When you have time, upload the receipt or bill to your First Dollar HSA dashboard. Once your bank account is connected, you can withdraw money from your First Dollar HSA to reimburse yourself for the expense. Since this is a qualified medical expense reimbursed from your HSA, you will maintain your tax-advantage on this transaction.

Need a card for your spouse, child at college, or weird uncle who lives in the attic?

You can add cards for anyone you claim as a dependent at no cost. We call these Family Cards. You can have up to three (3) of them. You will be able to see any spending done by your family in your HSA dashboard. 

Additionally, your First Dollar HSA has built in spending restrictions that prevent spending at merchants that do not carry HSA eligible items (for instance, you can’t use it to buy a pizza). This keeps you out of trouble with the tax-man (avoiding IRS penalties for non-qualified spending), and your college-aged children out of trouble with you. 

Prescription discounts: online and in your pocket!

There’s no catch. We help you find the lowest cost pharmacy for your prescriptions. How?

Drug prices vary significantly by pharmacy location. Prices can even vary between pharmacies directly across the street from each other! Our built-in pharmacy benefits help compare costs and search for coupons at nearby pharmacies so you can save up to 85% on prescriptions. 

Do you really like your pharmacist and don’t want to shop around? We respect that, and have you covered! Your First Dollar HSA card has a great discount code printed right on the back. Simply provide the benefits information on the back of your card to your pharmacist, and enjoy lower costs on your prescriptions.

The First Dollar Card + Amazon HSA Store = eligible spending bliss!

The good folks at have put together an entire store of HSA eligible purchases. This makes it easy to find and buy the things you need with confidence.

No transaction fees!

Unlike many traditional HSA companies, First Dollar will never (never-ever!) charge you a fee to use your debit card. Allergy medication, sunscreen, prescriptions, doctor’s visits- there is no limit to how many times you can use the card. 

Did we mention there is NEVER a fee?