Health Savings Account

Fee Schedule

The fees listed may occur intentionally or by events described in more detail below. In most cases, First Dollar HSA users will never incur these fees.

Abandoned Property
$50.00 per account
Canadian Item Collection
Here is a message to help explain the content.
Daily Overdraft Fee1
$5.00 a day
Deposited Item Reversal
Expedited Debit Card
$35 per request
Foreign Item Collection
Money Order
Paid Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) Charge2, 3
$25.00 per item
$25.00 hourly
Returned Item Charge2, 3, 4
$25.00 per item
Stop Payment
Treasurer's Check

1. Daily Overdraft (OD) Fee begins on the 5th calendar day after first overdraft item and continues for 30 calendar days if the account remains in a negative balance.
2. Individual overdraft items of $5.00 or less will not be charged a fee.
3. Transactions posted against insufficient or held funds.
4. A return item charge will not be assessed for ACH items returned or unpaid.

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