We power software-defined benefits that people love to use.

There's a better way to pay for healthcare.

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First Dollar is the health wallet for modern, member-first plans.

Our payments infrastructure supports tax-advantaged accounts, supplemental benefits, and whatever you dream up next.

Why First Dollar

Sky-high NPS

Give your customers an experience they will truly love and recommend. Turn consumer-driven benefits from a checkbox to a strategic advantage.

The average NPS of consumer-directed benefits is 34. Ours is 80.

Why First Dollar

#1 in utilization

Everyone who is eligible should participate. And no one should leave a dime on the table.

Did you know that on average half of FSA balances are lost? Our wallet helps make sure benefits are taken advantage of early, often, and properly.

Our average utilization rate is 68%. What's yours?

Why First Dollar

Technology first

Build a remarkable experience with First Dollar. We're cloud-native and API driven throughout.

From pre-built 3rd-party integrations and embeddable UX workflows that help you get started fast, our platform is thoroughly modern top-to-bottom.

Our partners have a real seat at the table of our roadmap, and we roll out new features every week.

First Dollar debit card tapping point of sale system

Build the member experience you've always wanted to offer.

Health Plans

A scalable health wallet infrastructure that places a focus on customer experience and utilization gives plans the customization and differentiation they need to enhance the member experience, increase member retention, and gain market share.

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TPAs partner with First Dollar to power best-in-class benefits that can be white labeled and embedded inside of their existing card product and member portal.

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Our Customers

We power the health wallet for these modern, member-first plans.
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Software-defined benefits

What can modern payments infrastructure do for you?

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Why We're Bank and Card Agnostic

Your customers are sick and tired of calling the bank. From KYC to monthly statements, tax forms and more, we handle everything on our side. Best of all, you can bring your own bank or use ours.The result? An experience you control, end-to-end.

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A Deep-Dive on Access

First Dollar Serving the Whole World

We've made access a top priority.

From advanced localization to industry best multi-language support, we meet members on their terms, in their context, across every population and demographic segment.

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Case Study

Bright Health's Data Advantage

What if you could make recommendations based on past purchases and adapt plan designs to support emerging usage patterns? Learn how we helped sharpen Bright Health's competitive edge with member spending data delivered instantly, far ahead of claims.

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