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No HSA does more to help you save, spend, and invest completely tax-free.
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Health Savings Accounts (HSA's) are designed to support your high-deductible health plan (HDHP) to make out-of-pocket healthcare expenses more affordable and help you save money for retirement.

You own it.
You own your HSA, not your employer. The money in your HSA remains available for future health expenses no matter your job status.
It rolls over year-to-year.
If you have money in your account at the end of the year, it rolls over into the next! No use it or lose it here.
You get a triple-tax advantage.
Put money into your account pre-tax, spend on qualified expenses tax-free, and watch your savings grow tax-free.
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Plan for the future now.


We make it easy to put your
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Fee-free HSA
Most HSA’s charge you as much as $85 a year to access your money. With us? $0.
Invest with TD Ameritrade
Access to over 3,000 stocks, mutual funds, and ETFs.
Smart Debit Card
Secured by chip-and-pin and integrated with Apple Wallet & Google Wallet.
Family Management
Dependent debit cards to make managing family spending a breeze.
Health Rewards
Your First Dollar membership gets you access to discounts on high-quality care.
Simple Compliance
We walk you through the tax-code so you don't have to worry about IRS risks.

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    Get a HDHP that's HSA-Eligible

    Okay, we admit it this part can hurt but we're here to help. Chat with our experts if you need help or call your insurance company.

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    Join in just a few simple steps to begin your journey toward better physical and financial health.

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    Enjoy the perks of saving your money, investing, and spending on health & wellness – all tax-free!

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