Health Wallet for individuals

One Place.
Every Benefit.

Give members immediate access to all of their benefits—wherever they are. From HSAs and FSAs to fertility benefits, the Health Wallet is one place—for everything.

A push notification saying, "Your Dependent Care expense was approved! Tap for details".The health wallet mobile app with HSA, DC-FSA, and Health Rewards stacked accounts.

Stand out with the smartest solution

Our Health Wallet gives members a single, well-designed benefits experience. The result? A benefit solution that employers (and their teams) will love and want to use.
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Meet people
where they are

Good benefits are accessible benefits. With an accessibility score of 97 and an entire experience localized for English and Spanish, we walk the walk.

A snippet of UI showing health wallet benefits translated to Spanish. The title says, "Buenas tardes, Linda."A snippet of UI showing a health and fitness benefit followed by a commuter benefit. The title says "Good afternoon, Linda."
An illustration of a benefit claim receipt.Illustrated claim progress bar.

Eliminate benefit headaches

We’ve removed roadblocks by simplifying the claims process, providing same-day access to virtual cards, and more. Straightforward benefits = less time spent on support.


Teach consumers how to [benefit]

What good is a new tax-advantaged account if you don't understand or know how to use it? The Health Wallet educates individuals every step of the way. More expertise. Fewer claims.

A woman looking at over the counter medication at a pharmacy.A snippet of UI that show a list of eligible spending categories for an HSA.