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Why we're here

The original flexible spending arrangement (FSA) was introduced in the Revenue Act of 1978. Decades later, the health spending benefit category* has expanded to include DC-FSAs, FSAs, LP-FSAs, LSAs, HRAs, HSAs, rewards, supplementals, and more. Some offer tax savings and some direct member spending for government health plans, but all share one common goal: provide access to needed funds for healthcare expenses. Today, over 112 million Americans have access to one or more health spending benefits.

As healthcare costs continue to rise, the individuals and organizations that use and offer health spending benefits will depend on them even more. But when you look behind the curtain of most programs today, you'll find a hodgepodge of legacy tech solutions that create barriers to benefit design and access.

How we work

Using and offering benefits should feel effortless. It's why we (virtually) clock in every weekday as we build flexible infrastructure for every health spending benefit. In our work, we leverage modern engineering advances and human-centered design principles to provide the most advanced solution on one card, app, and API.

What we're building

We provide a suite of software tools and APIs that enable organizations to offer and manage pre-tax accounts, lifestyle benefits, rewards programs, and supplemental benefits.

for individuals

Give your members immediate access to all of their benefits. From FSAs to LSAs, there’s one place for everything.

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for admin teams

Reduce costs and optimize operational workflows with a powerful benefits platform designed for your team.

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for developers

Build your dream benefit program to your unique vision with the Health Wallet Platform's APIs and branding tools.

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We call Austin home, and we're always ready to share our favorite breakfast taco spots.


We're based in Austin, but our remote team is located throughout the United States.


Our team loves cats, dogs, and opossums.

Our values


We all behave as owners of First Dollar, making the best decisions for the company now and in the future. We are self-starters empowered to own work from start to finish and take responsibility for our outcomes.


We have a bias for action and will ensure our clients regard us as worthy of attention. Whatever the problem, we'll solve it. In resolving issues, we focus on done over perfect because we know that we will continuously iterate, improve & innovate.


A one-note team creates a one-note product. We seek to create meaningful connections, understand diverse perspectives, and foster a supportive, diverse, and inclusive work environment. Embodying empathy and inclusivity is critical to delivering products that work for everyone.


We create value by making complex & confusing concepts accessible to everyone. We do this by proactively understanding new domains, minding the details, minimizing complex layers and terminology, and proactively sharing knowledge across our company and client base.


We appreciate it when teams ask difficult questions and ask for help. We are respectfully direct in what we say, and our actions match our words. Sharing the truth, good or bad, is the best way to demonstrate compassion and trust.

Our leadership

Our co-founders, Jason Bornhorst, and Colin Anawaty, have founded multiple ventures together, including Patient IO, a care coordination and patient engagement platform ultimately acquired by athenahealth in 2016. Together, they've helped form First Dollar's leadership team, which features integral team members from many impressive teams, including BenefitWallet, HCSC, Discover, Goldman, Health Equity, Jellyvision, and Fidelity.

Our board of directors

Jason Bornhorst
CEO & Co-founder, First Dollar
Colin Anawaty
CPO & Co-founder, First Dollar
Mike Smerklo
Next Coast Ventures
Tom Hawes
Blue Venture Fund
Matt Levin
Independent Board Member
Scott Law
Meridian Street Ventures (Observer)

Our investors

First Dollaritos is our first ERG at First Dollar. The focus of First Dollaritos is to support Latines (and others who want to be a part) at First Dollar by creating a safe space where members can bring their authentic selves to work.

Gigi Canova
Gigi Canova
Senior Customer Success, FCS
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Natalie Molina
Customer Success, FCS
Rudy Portillo
Founding Member
Enterprise Sales Executive
Izamar Loredo
Director, Product Management

Let's build the future of benefits together.

We believe in the promise of health spending benefits for members and organizations who are building their future. We're excited to hear your ideas and bring your dream benefit programs to life.

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