Health Wallet Platform for DEVELOPERS

Build it your way.

Who knows your product better than you? Build your dream benefit to your unique vision with the Health Wallet Platform's library of widgets and APIs.

A phone with an illustrated portal with generic branding that says "Your Logo", showing HSA and Rewards account balances. Behind it is a debit card with the same placeholder branding.

Tools to make your benefit offering truly yours

Want to dig into the details? Request access to our developer portal to see in-depth documentation of our APIs and embeddable widgets.
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For Developers

Embed your benefit offering with our APIs

Looking for an API-first solution? Every function in our platform has an API, from the consumer experience to the administrative workflows and core bank functions.

A section of the API code for displaying a health wallet with multiple benefits.A snippet of UI showing stacked health savings, dependent care, and remote work benefits with their account balances.
An illustration of our reimbursement widget, which can sit on top of your existing platform.
Turnkey Widgets

Provide a seamless benefit experience with low-code widgets

Quickly embed quick account actions like deposits and reimbursements inside of your existing platform with our low-code widgets.

Branding Tools

Use your brand, ours, or something in-between

From completely re-branding our Health Wallet with your brand (and your sending domain for communications) to co-branding to nested branding for your clients, we support a variety of brand configurations.


Employ proven marketing campaigns for consumer education

Let us do the work for you! Our tested, turnkey marketing campaigns drive consumer and administrative engagement and utilization.