Get In and Drive: How First Dollar’s Reporting API Gives Teams the Keys To Benefit Insights

An overview of First Dollar’s tools for reporting and data access.

"How many claims were adjudicated last month?" is a simple client request. But if you have to wait for your technology partner to pull a claims report, it can be another confusing delay that makes you look bad to your client.

Teams that manage health spending benefits work best when they have direct access to information. Charts tracking benefit utilization help teams make accurate forecasts, and Customer Identification Program (CIP) dashboards enable administrators to guide their clients through health savings account (HSA) enrollments. And if they can pull their own reports on funding balances, accounting teams can quickly perform audits of lifestyle spending account (LSA) programs. 

Designed for flexibility, First Dollar's reporting tools help partners (like you) own their data so they can self-service their reporting needs.

Flexible reporting tools that your team can use today (and tomorrow).

Most would agree that access to information is important. So why do most reporting tools fail the teams that offer and manage health spending benefits? We believe it’s because most platform technology providers fail to build either:

  1. Modern technology that reaches partners’ future goals
  2. Supportive technology that meets partners’ current needs

First Dollar’s platform offers an industry-first approach to reporting that empowers teams to get the data they need through a modern API while supporting conventional CSV standards that can plug into existing processes and business intelligence tools. 

Your data is your data. We have strong opinions about how to make it more useful and more secure, but you’re never blocked from accessing your data to make critical decisions at the speed your business demands.

Colin Anawaty
Chief Product Officer at First Dollar

Integrated metrics within the Health Wallet Manager

With real-time performance insights in our self-service admin tool, administrators can understand the performance of service level agreement (SLA) target metrics like Know Your Customer (KYC) processing and claims adjudication upon logging in—all without running a report or making a request to an account manager.

Custom executive dashboards via First Dollar’s reporting API 

Leveraging First Dollar’s reporting API, access real-time customized dashboards via Google Looker Studio, Power BI, Tableau, or another analytics system of your choice. You share your organization’s reporting requests, and First Dollar Engineering handles the technical aspects of the reports.

Your own data lake via First Dollar’s reporting API 

Partners can use First Dollar's API to generate reports.

We built First Dollar's Benefit Suite so you can build your dream experience, and that includes owning your data. First Dollar provides a modern reporting API (GraphQL or REST) that allows you to export your data on your schedule. With the exported JSON or CSV files, your data analytics team can use their preferred business intelligence system.

Conventional CSV files that fit your team’s existing processes

We also have alternative report delivery methods for teams not yet ready to leverage our reporting API. Collaborating with your account manager, you can gain access to a secure link for downloading CSV files. These files can be curated based on your areas of interest and imported into your own data pipelines and business intelligence tools.

Robust reports that your teams need today.

First Dollar’s standard reporting is available to our partners today at the partner and employer levels through our reporting API, CSVs, etc. Similar to our Benefit Builder, we’ll soon release Report Builder, our self-service tool for administrators to build reports within the Health Wallet Manager. 

For the professionals that manage health spending benefits, information about program performance and members is a must-have. With First Dollar, teams gain easy access to the data and reports they need to do their jobs well.

Jim Kloss
Director of Client Partnerships at First Dollar

Partner administrator reports: Banking, identity, organizations, rewards, utilization, etc.

Administrators can identity verification metrics within the Health Wallet Manager.

Produced at the overall book of business level, partner administrator reports show high-level metrics that can be exported and explored in greater detail. This includes: 

  • Banking reports on funding balances, money movement, and detailed partner account transactions for auditing purposes.
  • Identity Verification reports on member failures of Customer Identification Program (CIP) or Know Your Customer (KYC) screening. Includes member organizations, verification dates, failure reasons, and outstanding days.
  • Partner summary reports provide an aggregated view of account statuses, assets under management, investment activity, member contributions, monthly processed transactional data, rollover activity, total employers, trustee-to-trustee contributions, and withdrawals. Within reports, you can select individual employer groups to see total employees, assets under management by the employer, and member details. 

Employer administrator reports: Claims, contributions, enrollment, summaries, etc.

The Claims dashboard provides an overview of submitted and adjudicated claims.

Produced at the group level, employer administrator reporting gives administrators the information they need to do their jobs. This includes: 

  • Claims Daily Summary. Provides a daily look at processed claims. This is used to confirm finance activity to reconcile partner account balances.
  • Claims Pending & Repayment. Shows received claims that need further documentation and any claim that needs to be repaid to the plan. The report contains timing information to show the aging of the claim. 
  • Contributions Files. Reporting on received contributions files broken out by date, status, contribution types, and totals. The employer can drill down into the details of received contribution files and the status of those payrolls. 
  • Enrollment. Details all received members and their account status. The reporting segments active members vs dismissed members that are no longer part of the employer offering. 
  • Member Balance. Detailing election amounts and remaining balances by plan year and purse type at the member level.
  • Monthly Summary. Snapshot of the processed transactional data at month's end for the employer, aggregated across their members. This includes things like contributions, withdrawals, investment activity, trustee-to-trustee contributions, and rollover activity.
  • Utilization. Metrics detailing utilization of account activity at the member level to help the employer understand the usage of the Health Wallet.
  • Year-to-Date Contributions. Contribution information at the member level to highlight dollars that have been received via payroll contributions.

System controls that protect member data (and you).

Health data should only go to the parties that need it. Our system controls and compliance standards help ensure that protected health information remains secure and private.

Mike DeWitt
Chief Technology Officer at First Dollar

Healthcare experiences higher data breach costs than the financial, pharmaceutical, energy, and technology sectors. In fact, the healthcare industry experiences the highest data breach costs of all sectors. In 2023, the average cost of a healthcare data breach was $10.93 million, an industry average that has grown 53.3% over the past three years. 

Secure, encrypted data 

All Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in First Dollar's data lake is encrypted in transit and at rest, and thus not exposed to partners in the file exchange or cloud integration capabilities mentioned above. First Dollar employs an envelope encryption scheme for PII fields that obfuscates PII while still allowing for the anonymized aggregation of the data required for the reports called out above.

An API solution for best-in-class data security

Consider leveraging First Dollar's API solution for reporting and data access to get the reports you need, on demand. APIs offer superior access control mechanisms, auditability trails essential for compliance and security monitoring, and reduce human error in handling and disseminating data. With APIs, you can have peace of mind about your data in transmission while delivering differentiated insights for your customers, and your business.

Josh Hostetler

Josh leads content for First Dollar, a fintech company that builds infrastructure for health spending benefits. Before First Dollar, Josh led course creation at Aceable, taught First Grade, waited tables at Olive Garden, and wore many other hats. He misses the breadsticks.