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The only debit card with a prescription savings program on the back.

How to save up to 85% on your prescriptions:
  • Save at your local pharmacy.
    Simply flash the back of your HSA debit card at your favorite pharmacy!
  • Search to find the lowest price.
    Compare costs ahead of time to pick the best price and most convenient.
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A smarter debit card.

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Family Debit Cards
We make it easy to manage family health expenses.
Easy Documentation
Your First Dollar HSA is completely self-directed and paperless.
Exclusive Discounts
20% off lab testing. Up to 85% off prescription meds. And more!
Health Conceirge
Shop online for the best in online care or ask your agent for help.

What else can I purchase with my HSA?

Primary Care
Urgent Care
Search Over 30,000 Tax-Free Expenses

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