Streamline health spending benefits

Run all health spending benefits through a single platform with a unified experience, including FSAs, HRAs, HSAs,  and directed spend, health rewards, and wellness programs.

A technology-first solution

Our health wallet is the smart way to access benefits and pay for them within a single, unified experience.

We Handle Administration

Send us your brand standards and a member eligibility file and we'll execute the rest. Really.

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Software-Defined Benefits

First Dollar supports any benefit type on a single, cohesive platform, with one card and one app for everything.

Embed Inside Existing Apps

Our technology-first approach enables easy integration with your existing portal and card.

Why First Dollar

Launch your dream program

Get to market in record time using our APIs and widgets to embed benefits into your web and mobile applications. From end-to-end white-labeling to layering new benefits into your existing application or card, we give you total control of your brand.

Why First Dollar

Give your team full control

We help your team do what they do best. First Dollar admin tools give you control over the customer experience and the power to resolve issues fast and independently. Identity verification issues? Not anymore.

Why First Dollar

Offer benefits designed for humans

Using benefits shouldn’t cause a headache. Our modern UI, advanced localization features, and multi-language support ensure that never happens. When’s the last time you heard benefits described as easy-to-use? For us, every day.

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How it works

First Dollar’s health wallet is the best way to empower your members and increase utilization. Here’s how that happens.


Our tools are designed to allow you flexibility to offer the consumer directed benefits that best suit your population. Select the purses you want to offer, configure, and enroll people into programs in a snap.


The health wallet debit card (or virtual card) allows members to spend their benefits dollars on eligble items. When they have multiple benefits in their wallet, First Dollar makes transactions easy by logically applying the right account.


Our health wallet app keeps your members up to date on their balances and transactions. Reimbursement and substantiation are simple, so customer satisfaction and utilization stay high.

Software-defined benefits

What can modern payments infrastructure do for you?

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Streamline all your health spending benefits with a single platform and a fabulous user experience.

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