Third-Party Administrators

Own the user experience with embedded benefit solutions that include white labeling, turnkey widgets, and APIs.

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TPAs using First Dollar
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The Problem

Third Party Administrators (TPAs) need best-in-class benefit technology that can integrate with their user experience to stay competitive with today’s employers.

The Solution

TPAs partner with First Dollar to power best-in-class benefits that can be white labeled and embedded inside of their existing card product and member portal.

First dollar web interface with showing total account balance, savings balance, and investment balance.The first dollar debit card
How it works

Out of the box partnerships

Fully white labeled experience
Embeddable widgets
Use our debit card, or yours
How it works

Customizable partnerships designed to fit your needs

Partner app for employers and brokers
Card processing
Customer service and administration
Member KYC

Key Benefits

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