Introducing the Health Wallet app: Tap-friendly benefits designed for humans

How the mobile Health Wallet app helps benefit providers and their customers.

The average consumer uses an app to pay for last night's pizza and check their most recent savings and investments balance, so why wouldn't they expect the same experience when accessing their healthcare benefits? (Spoiler alert: they do.)

The Health Wallet app belongs on home screens with its human-friendly design. Benefit providers who provide this app on their platform will gain happy, engaged consumers with easily accessible healthcare funds.

Izamar Loredo
First Dollar Senior Product Manager

Here’s what account holders can do with the Health Wallet app. 

First Dollar’s Health Wallet app helps account holders understand and use their healthcare funds. With the mobile app, Health Wallet users can:

  • Review their funds
  • Set up and modify paycheck contributions
  • Get reimbursed for eligible expenses
  • Receive notifications about upcoming contributions and released tax forms
  • Transfer funds
  • Review recent transactions
  • And more!

And since it's a mobile app, Health Wallet users can achieve all of these tasks at the clinic, office, or bus—wherever and whenever needed.

Funds at a glance, quick deposits, and simple reimbursements

iPhone screenshots showing off Health Wallet mobile app with the "Funds at a Glance," "Quick Deposits," and "Simple Reimbursements" features.
With the Health Wallet app, consumers can check their balance and make quick deposits and reimbursements with a few taps.

Expenses and contributions

Product screenshot of Health Wallet mobile app showing off the transactions feed
The Health Wallet transactions feed promotes healthcare benefit transparency and account holder understanding.

Here's why we believe that well-designed mobile apps are essential for benefit providers.

  • Benefit providers are not competing with other benefit providers' apps—they're competing with every app on their customers' phones. Any app that fails to meet the standard of other favorite apps isn't good enough.
  • Finance and healthcare apps have an average 90-day retention rate of 65% and 36%—user experience matters. With a design team more than triple the size of some of its legacy counterparts, First Dollar prioritizes the user experience. (And it shows with our industry-high NPS of 72.)
  • A well-designed healthcare benefits app will belong within the account holder's experience. That's why the Health Wallet mobile app boasts all of our embedding (API, SSO, turnkey widgets) and  (co-branding and re-branding) features. We can modify the Health Wallet app to reflect our partners' unique platform and branding, so it fits within their customer experience.
Josh Hostetler

Josh leads content for First Dollar, a fintech company that builds infrastructure for health spending benefits. Before First Dollar, Josh led course creation at Aceable, taught First Grade, waited tables at Olive Garden, and wore many other hats. He misses the breadsticks.