Banking and Identity dashboards remove the ‘black box’ of customer funding and identity verification

Announcing the Banking and Identity dashboards for our Health Wallet Manager.

For too long, plan administrators have lacked visibility into how benefits are funded or how customers' identities are verified. This lack of visibility has created a metaphorical “black box," leading to the following situations:

  • Long email chains with a third party to understand why a customer failed their identity verification.
  • Multiple downloads of spreadsheets in search of the appropriate banking information.These clunky workarounds block the ability of administrators to support their customers and give them access to their healthcare funds.

Banking and Identity dashboards empower admins with their integrated visibility and self-service capabilities

We're excited to introduce our Banking and Identity dashboards to the public today. These dashboards within the Health Wallet Platform give admins one-click access to reporting and tools for core business functions. 

Benefit administration should be a one-person, one-tool task. Our goal is to give admins quick, easy access to the tools they need so that they can spend less time in email chains and more time supporting their customers.

Erin Barley
Senior Product Manager at First Dollar

Identity dashboard: Where admins gain visibility into customer onboarding

First Dollar's Identity dashboard provides light on a previously hidden segment of the customer onboarding process—customer identity program (CIP) and know your customer (KYC) protocols. And with self-service tools, the Identity dashboard allows administrators to resolve potential customer issues related to identity quickly. Let's look at these features a little more closely. 

A one-stop home for customer identity verification info

By providing all customer identity verification issues within one location, our partners have one-click access to important identity info so they can focus on their customers.

All customer verification info is located within one home, under the Identity tab.

The First Dollar Identity dashboard provides administrators with the ability to search to find the appropriate information. Currently, admins can search by member name, with planned follow-up product updates to add the ability to search by member ID, verification date, organization name, identity fallout reason, and review stage.

Review panels: Self-service tools for identity verification issues 

If there are identity verification issues for customers, the Identity dashboard provides review panels available with one click.

Within review panels, administrators can upload documentation to resolve customer identity verification issues.

Review panels provide administrators with clarity regarding customer identity verification issues as well as self-service options for issue resolution. Most issues can be resolved by uploading needed documentation within the platform. For others, the review panel provides the required next steps.

Banking dashboard: Where admins can view and manage their book of business

The Banking dashboard allows First Dollar partners to view and manage their book of business, including checking balances and creating real-time reports. This increased functionality saves First Dollar partners time and money by giving them a one-stop shop for account details, eliminating the need to download multiple spreadsheets to find the desired info.

Plan administrators can toggle between two main types of banking information: 

  • Funding
  • Card transactions

Funding info: A one-stop view for all money movement

The funding info toggle allows administrators to view all data related to account contributions and withdrawals. For sorting purposes, admins can filter money movement information by transaction type (deposit or withdrawal) or date range. 

The Banking Dashboard allows partners to view and manage all funding account information.

The dashboard provides administrators with easy access to the following information:

  • Description
  • Date
  • Organization
  • Member name
  • Amount
  • Balance

And if closer review is warranted, admins can click specific account activity to access all its info.

Account activity information is accessible within the Banking Dashboard.

Card transaction info: Visibility of all card transactions

The card transaction info toggle allows administrators to view all data related to card transactions. Similarly to funding, admins can filter card transaction info by type (deposit or withdrawal) or date range. 

Admins can view all card transaction information within the Banking dashboard.

The Banking dashboard provides admins with easy access to the following information regarding card transactions:

  • Description
  • Date
  • Organization
  • Member name
  • Amount
  • Balance

And if closer review is warranted, admins can select a specific card transaction to access all of its info.

Card transaction information is accessible within the Banking dashboard.
Josh Hostetler

Josh leads content for First Dollar, a fintech company that builds infrastructure for health spending benefits. Before First Dollar, Josh led course creation at Aceable, taught First Grade, waited tables at Olive Garden, and wore many other hats. He misses the breadsticks.