Health Wallet Page gives users quick access to core features

We're excited to introduce our new Health Wallet Page.

Do you struggle to find your keys in the morning? Life's just easier when things are where they're supposed to be. That's why we consolidated our Savings and Home pages so that all main account information now lives in one central location: the Health Wallet. Let's break down what that means for our clients and their members.

“We’re excited to release the foundation of our Health Wallet app to consumers this week. Our team is working to simplify benefits so that consumers don’t have to think about which account to use—they just swipe or tap to pay. Our revamped experience provides a consistent and accessible experience in English and Spanish across web and mobile.”

- Colin Anawaty
First Dollar Chief Product Officer

Quicker access to core features

A product screenshot showing First Dollar's new Health Wallet page, which includes links to Deposit and Reimburse at the top of the page

Members need to take key actions like making deposits and submitting reimbursements to keep their accounts up to date. We wanted to make it easier for Health Wallet users to find these key actions, so we made the handy change to provide links to those popular actions at the top of our Health Wallet Page. Now it's even easier to manage your account!

Health Wallet app is coming soon

The introduction of the Health Wallet Page sets us up as we expand into other accounts to help members save, invest, and spend on care. You may also notice that this experience works well on mobile devices—that's by design! We're excited to report that our team has been hard at work developing a mobile app experience, and this release helps align the experience with our future app. (Stay tuned for exciting upcoming news.)

Josh Hostetler

Josh leads content for First Dollar, a fintech company that builds infrastructure for health spending benefits. Before First Dollar, Josh led course creation at Aceable, taught First Grade, waited tables at Olive Garden, and wore many other hats. He misses the breadsticks.